Qualfied Mechanical Design Engineer

Ranging from conceptual through to development, detailed design and root cause analysis, with our chartered engineering resource we are competent at analysing wide ranging and complex engineering problems. Following design we can manage your project through to completion and also provide workshop and presentation drawings.


Pump and pipeline design (including slurry)
Materials handling

Manufacturing - High & Low Volume

Machine design
Jigs and fixtures
Time Studies


Open Channel Flow Metering
Piped Flow Metering
Pipeline Design
Pump Stations


Cross-flow turbine design
Feasibility Studies


Design drafting on a variety of boats up to 6m in length

Food Processing

Production equipment for wine industry




2D Drafting & 3D Modelling 

With our CAD packages ZWCAD and Alibre we design parts and assemblys, flatten sheet-metal designs, undertake motion simulation and analysis and provide photo-realistic rendering for high quality presentation drawings.

3D Modelling

Presentation Drawings

Computational Analysis

Workshop Drawings

Isometrics & PIDs

Profiles for CNC Cutting


Engineering Project Management
With our chartered engineering and NZIM accredited resources, Cen Eng is adept at managing significant projects with wide-ranging and complex issues.

Scheduling/Time Management

We use a variety of tools like Microsoft Project™ to create schedules and manage project milestones.


Quality Management

We focus on working hard at the start of a project. By creating appropriate and high quality scopes, then monitoring the project against the agreed expectations we ensure customer satisfaction. 

Cost Control

With high level estimation experience we have great systems for creating accurate budgets. Again, we focus on hard work at the start of a project to produce robust documents, and then monitor against these.


We also have experience in other areas in the diverse field of project management such as; procurement, installation supervision, communication, contracts, compliance, permitting, risk management, hazard identification, and commissioning. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.